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I have not found a system-wide shortcut (even on OS X, the shortcut may change depending on the application), but there is a way to find the right shortcut for each prompt: When the prompt appears, hold alt and look at the underlined characters (as you would for an application top menu). Of course, we are interested in the "Close without saving" option ...


The highlighting of the "O" in your screenshot is the terminal's cursor. You can't control its appearance, it's rendered according to each user's terminal settings. For example, here is how it appears in the OS X terminal with the default cursor style ("Block cursor"): Here it is with the cursor style changed to "Vertical bar": Here it is with the cursor ...


Not an answer, but you might be rather interested in dialog alternative - whiptail As for your dialocrc file, the line button_label_active_color = (YELLOW,BLUE,ON) might be what you wanna

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