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Your /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server file should have INTERFACES="eth0"


First off all: thanks for a very elaborate question! :-) Couple additional ones (question/remark): is the switch (where LAN-interface is connected to) connected to the router as well? I ask this because LAN- and WAN-address are in the same "network" 192.168.8.x ? This might create packet-loops (ie. router gets request from LAN-ip for web, wants to return ...


Most simple must be to get one repeater of wireless that has etherenet connection. I have one "netgear range extender" that has ethernet interface. They do not cost much, and you do not need to change anything in the system.


Today I've encountered the same problem again. I've tried running sudo dhclient -r wlan0 and then sudo dhclient. First time it worked, but on second one the dhcp client on my machine started declining all IP addresses in range. I've connected with static IP to my router and reset dhcp lease table, then ran sudo service network-manager restart and lo and ...

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