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A phone is not a computer (yet), so the first thing that you have to do is port the system, following the appropriate guide. It might not be easy, if even not impossible, for your old device, mainly because of the CPU. Ubuntu on smartphones needs at least ARM-A7 and 1 GB of RAM.


Have you tried a boot repair disk? if not I recommend going here if you do not have a live Ubuntu USB or here if you do have a live USB with Ubuntu both options use the same software it's just one is available in a bootable disk version. Please note a USB drive is recommend for today systems as most do not have a DVD drive in it


If you want sdb1 to appear on the left in nautilus, remove sdb1 from /etc/fstab and reboot. sda5 should show as "computer" on the left and is mounted at /. Because sda1 is mounted at /boot it will not show on the left but you can click on computer and then click on boot to view this partition. Because sdb1 is mounted at /hdd it also will not show on the ...

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