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I had the same problem,but then i checked. You just need to plug-in your dongle and select the Docomo network in networks section. It will works fine. If it doesn't then try installing mobile broadband drivers. Ubuntu should detect them automatically. If not,try downloading from internet


I created GPS Navigation (search it into the Ubuntu Phone Store). You can see how it is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nOsd2NAGmI Feel free to give me your feedback :) A hug!


Most of hardware drivers are built into linux kernel. It is always better when they are. But in some cases you can or have to install them separately: 1. Hardware vendor does not disclose protocol to interact with hardware and releases closed source proprietary drivers. In this case there is no way but to install them separately. But frequently there are ...


There is an official list here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices If your device is not in this list, you will have to port it by yourself, write drivers, etc.


The VirMIDI driver is designed as an interface between programs that access RawMIDI devices (actually, OSS devices /dev/midi*) and ALSA sequencer clients. Everything received at the raw MIDI device (hw:1,* or /dev/*) is sent on to the sequencer port. Everything received at the sequencer port (Virtual Raw MIDI 1-*) is sent on to the raw MIDI device. To ...


You can avoid much headache when you have to kill a process every time by writing udev rules to add symlinks for those devices. So whenever the device disappear, the symlink will die with it. Then if you replug your device it creates new node with incremented number ex:/dev/ttyACM1. However, the link gets created in the same path. See How to distinguish ...

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