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You need : sudo apt-get install usbmount sudo apt-get install mc mc up up /media You will see all you USB ports in this folder . (It look like MS-DOS)


You can unload the driver, and then reload, with rmmod and modproble. This will unload and then load the kernel module, for your ethernet adapter. For virtual box, this is e1000 # rmmod e1000 # ifconfig lo Link encap:Lokale Schleife inet Adresse: Maske: inet6-Adresse: ::1/128 Gültigkeitsbereich:Maschine UP ...


davidbaumann is right: rmmod and modprobe. Thanks for the tip! For the record: sudo service networking restart is broken: $ sudo service networking stop stop: Unknown instance: And ifconfig confirms that all interfaces and still up and running. Similarly, /etc/init.d/networking stop leaves all the interfaces up, according to ifconfig. The "offical" ...


Motherboards very rarely have Nvidia integrated Graphics but the easiest way to find out would be to look at the back of the desktop and check if the monitor inputs are directly connected to the motherboard. This can easily be spotted by looking for a HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, or VGA connector next to other inputs such as Ethernet, audio connectors and USB ...


sudo service networking restart and if you want even more radical 'sudo reboot'


Not so long ago Ethernet devices did appear as /dev/eth0, /dev/eth1 and so on. There are still applications that expect to find them there, but are now disappointed and sometimes unusable. Fortunately not too many.

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