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No. New releases will have new software and new versions of a software so those will have totally new bugs. New hardware also introduces new drivers, new software and thus new bugs. Is not the whole point of new releases to fix previous issues? You can also fix bugs by removing software and switching to some other software that has a lesser ...


These are monthly snapshot-releases corresponding to the milestones for the next official Ubuntu release. They are the product of the time-based release cycle used by Canonical for Ubuntu since version 13.04. The major version number stands for the year and the minor version for the month of the release (16.06 for June 2016). They complement: interim ...


Qt and QML applications would be considered Native, generally because they use C++ as a framework, thus requiring compiling for your platform. Not to mention that Unity8 is being written in Qt, and the Ubuntu SDK is a plugin enriched version of QtCreator. HTML5 and by extension, Javascript are going to be associated with being a web application.


tzdata-java was removed because OpenJDK 8 does not provide the necessary files to build it. Quoting the Debian bug report which prompted its removal: The problem is that the default java has recently been switched to openjdk-8, which doesn't provide javazic.jar. As such we can't build tzdata-java anymore. The other answer gives a PPA which provides a ...


Java 6 and 7 timezone data were included via the tzdata-java package but this package isn't available for Ubuntu 16.04 so if your java version is 7 or 6 just run : sudo apt-add-repository ppa:justinludwig/tzdata sudo apt-get install tzdata-java For more details about this PPA ,this is it's launchpad link.


errors-remount-ro means that if errors are encountered the partition will be mounted read-only in order to avoid damage so you'll have the opportunity to fix the problems. This usually happens when there are hard disk problems. Don't change this setting. I have done this once and it turned out to be a pretty bad idea. none means in your situation 'no mount ...

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