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Not an answer, but I can't comment yet. Can you share any more code? Curious as to why there are so many focus changes. What image are you using on your Nex7?


A convenient way for developers to do app testing is by starting them through adb. To make that convenient we are providing a cli tool, called ubuntu-app-launch. So create a remote connection with phablet-shell and start your applications using their desktop filename: ubuntu-app-launch com.ubuntu.calculator_calculator_1.3.316 ubuntu-app-launch ...


You can also install the LogViewer app from the store to see the logs with a graphical interface. The application provides the following features, Graphical interface for viewing logs Exporting logs to pastebin


Logs for your application can be found in the ~/.cache/upstart/ folder on your device. I'd recommend to open/cat them using a remote connection (with phablet-shell)


The ubuntu UI Toolkit has no dedicated treeview component, neither the upstream QtQuick controls have. But here are few interesting writing about the topic: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/632795/QML-TreeModel-and-TreeView http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/30521

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