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Even if it's not really recommended to remove silently a package in /usr/local you could do it in a debian/bamliquidatorbatch.preinst script: #!/bin/sh set -e if [ -d "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bamliquidatorbatch" ]; then pip uninstall -y BamLiquidatorBatch; fi Note that bamliquidatorbatch should be the exact name of your debian binary ...


Answering to myself, I ended with simple installation scripts: #!/bin/bash sudo apt-get remove elasticsearch sudo dpkg -i elasticsearch-0.90.5.deb sudo rm -rf /usr/share/elasticsearch/plugins sudo cp -R plugins /usr/share/elasticsearch sudo cp elasticsearch.yml.0.90.5 /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml sudo /etc/init.d/elasticsearch restart sleep 2; sudo ...

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