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thanks for your interest into Ubuntu Core! Ubuntu Core is really a small set of an Ubuntu system, as you said, lightweight. It doesn't come by default with a desktop environment or with apt-get (use snappy instead!) I really encourage you to get familiar with the documentation ( I think I may duplicate this one to ...


Well as always i leave a question here then discover the answer. I had to be in the fpc directory to run the ppcx64 file from usr/lib/fpc/3.0.0 directory it built just fine. Had to reinstall binutils though it seems i messed it up some how. As always i am thankful for this site to just read and learn. Thanks again Sureshot


In this link, we read that: You can use the Trademarks, in accordance with Canonical’s brand guidelines, with Canonical’s permission in writing. If you require a Trademark licence, please contact us (as set out below). You will require Canonical’s permission to use: (i) any mark ending with the letters UBUNTU or BUNTU which is sufficiently similar to the ...


There's no such thing as "Ubuntu source code". It's not a single package, it's a software distribution. You'd need to compile everything, to the kernel, core utilities and libraries to Python, APT and Unity and it would take ridiculous amounts of time. If you want to make an Ubuntu-based distro, you'll have some basic steps: Download Ubuntu ISO; Extract ...

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