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Outside of certain ARM environments, purely 32-bit Desktops are obsolete. The standard CPU in computers of the last five or six years is primarily 64-bit architecture. As such, it is relatively safe to assume that your processor isn't restricted to a 32-bit environment. With the various improvements in processing power between 32bit and 64bit, it makes ...


The workspace switcher is disabled by default in Ubuntu 13.04, according to feature request. Please see following bug for explanations This change request is now summarized in a google doc, see https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1cbPd9WSSbFHg4Z7BSOQxDKusMe2aJjj0FEF2AMxNOZM/edit# ----------------------------------------- Workspace ...


You are missing sudo in the other side of the pipeline: sudo gzip -dc sda1.image.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sda1 In a <command> | <command> | [...] command format, each command of the pipeline which requires sudo should be run using sudo, not only the first one. In this case you might not need to use sudo on gzip -dc sda1.image.gz, unless you don't ...


Try running ./build.sh --setup, it appears we left the .sh off the end of that step. The --setup should pull in all those other dependencies.

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