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Understanding what the script should do I am afraid you are misunderstanding how the script should be applied. There is no reason to have another script write this script into a file whatsoever. That would be the same as writing an application to write an application; a huge detour, and a strange thing to do. you should simply create the script: Copy / ...


There is no particular standard you must follow with it. README and INSTALL are intended to be separate things, though. Generally, README is content describing what the package is, and INSTALL is describing how to install it. If you use GNU autotools, it follows the scheme of having a README and INSTALL file. If you have source on GitHub, it expects a ...


watch -n1 'ps ax -o "vsize cmd" | sort -n | tail' Run ps command with custom output format, sort numerically from lowest to highest memory usage, get the last few entries (optional). And run it continuously with watch and two single quotes to treat the piped command as literals


I like yEd. It is not open-source but it is freeware and cross-platform, handling many types of diagrams and also UML.


There is a long description in the joomla Docs. This may help you to find out what is missing. https://docs.joomla.org/Configuring_a_LAMPP_server_for_PHP_development/Linux_desktop

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