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All DE's are capable of changing icon sets that you can download in their respective "Appearance", or "Look and Feel" menus. You can also manually change each one in file property windows by clicking the icon on the properties page, and choose any icon you want. To specifically change only Skype's system tray icon, see the answer here : Change skype tray ...


While I cannot answer what is not included in cinnamon as opposed to cinnamon-destop-environment I can answer your broader question. cinnamon-destop-enviroment is a meta package. A meta package does not include any real programs in it it is more of a recipe. It directs the package manager to pull in all the needed programs for the desktop environment to ...


Look at the output of apt show cinnamon cinnamon-dektop-environment cinnamon-core. Basically you can say that cinnamon is a part of cinnamon-core which itself is a part of cinnamon-desktop-environment. cinnamon is the most basic and minimal Cinnamon installation you can get. cinnamon-core is a minimal Cinnamon desktop, but it also includes few more ...


try and use "Ctrl + Alt + T" and this should load up the terminal. And follow Fix 5 to this referenced link below. I would do some more research on this issue as there may be more underlying issues with your upgrade. The link below is in reference to the x session and nvidia drivers. potentially fix 5 is just refreshing unity for you so may resolve this ...


I use AutoKey it installs from the Ubuntu Software Center real easy to use I have added "phrase"s like my email address by typing gm plus hitting tab <tab>


You can get back the Ubuntu desktop with sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop From thereon it should be easy to re-install all the other lost packages. If you're looking for a list of all the (accidentally) uninstalled packages, you can find them in /var/log/apt/history.log.

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