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Well, I removed Indicator plugin from the panel and after xfce4-panel -r most indicators went to Notification area. Unfortunately, sound indicator disappeared, but I solved the problem by installing xfce4-mixer which does the same job, but looks slightly different. Now the panel looks smooth.


A GIMP Alternate: A simple tool for drawing rectangles and ellipses on pictures is already included in Ubuntu LibreOffice:Draw Open the image in LibreOffice Draw. You can do this by first opening Draw and then opening the image in it. Or you can right click on the image and choose Open with > Other Applications > Show other applications. Look for Basic ...


You have answers for gimp, but I also find gimp a bit hard work for this sort of thing. I don't have windows so I don't know what its Paint is like, but I can recommend the very simple and old xpaint, the even simpler gnome version gpaint, or my favourite for over 10 years (and more sophisticated), xfig, all in ubuntu.


I have a simple solution: Select the Pencil tool Click on your image Press Shift and hold and press Ctrl and hold for the steps below Move your mouse and click Move and click again to complete your rectangle


Select the area you would like to outline with the rectangle select tool, go to Edit > Stroke Selection. You will get a dialogue. Choosing Solid Line will create an outline using the currently selected foreground color. Choosing With a Paint Tool will give you more creativity.


Create new layer. Rectangle select for outer wall of rectangle. Bucket fill that rectangle or paste a texture if you want to use a texture for your outline. Edit shrink selection by the width you want for your rectangle. Cut. Right click on the layer and merge the layer down.

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