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Here's how to delete your current gnome keyring: rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring That should work, but I'm not entirely sure what all will be effected though. You could try & save the old keyring with instructions from here though I'm not following step 2 "create a new keyring", might mean to use seahorse - other users suggest that seahorse ...


Well, hopefully you made backups. You could attempt to get in with 3rd party decryption programs, like OphCrack. Or, you can boot into recovery mode by holding SHIFT while starting. Find root, then remount ubuntu as un-readonly with this command: mount -o rw,remount / to access password reset goodness, type: passwd username where username is your ...


The default keyring does not pop up if you leave it password-less. It will pop up ONCE after installing Ubuntu and if you do not enter a password it will stay quiet. Open "keyrings" from Dash and it will show this when there is no password: Rightclick "login" and set a password when this shows: After that you will need to provide a password. Remove ...


GTK Theme - Ambiance Icons - Ubuntu-mono-dark Cursors - Dmz-white Why do you want to remove the others anyway?

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