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Your error message gives you the exact cause of the issue, and I've wrapped it in three asterisks below: file.c:102:0: fatal error: ***error writing to /tmp/ccF9p6T9.s: No space left on device*** This means that your /tmp directory, whIch holds temporary files and such, is full. You've said that you never reboot the box, because it's always computing ...


Understanding what the script should do I am afraid you are misunderstanding how the script should be applied. There is no reason to have another script write this script into a file whatsoever. That would be the same as writing an application to write an application; a huge detour, and a strange thing to do. you should simply create the script: Copy / ...


You can try UltraGDB, it is a GDB GUI frontend and lightweight IDE based on Eclipse technology.


You can view some messages from the previous boot through journalctl with e.g. journalctl -b -1 (the -1 means "previous boot", -b -2 would give you the one before that etc.). The journal won't keep logs across boots unless the directory /var/log/journal exists, so sudo mkdir /var/log/journal if it's not there (and then systemctl restart systemd-journald or ...

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