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The cron.hourly file remove_old_tmux_resurrect_saves is running as user root (hence ~ refers to home directory of root) and you are searching for files in the home directory of user admin. Replace ~ with the absolute path to the home directory of user admin. Alternately, you can open user admin's crontab by running crontab -e as user admin and put an entry ...


Your problem is because your selected a gcc template and not g++. CodeLite will execute gcc for files with the .c extension. Right click on main.c in the project view and select Rename Change it to main.cpp Compile your code and it should work


As suggested by @Avi disabling the GPU solved this issue in my case. I proceeded as suggested in this bug report and disabled the use of gpu for my chrome. For such, you just need to start it with the --disable-gpu flag. You can also do as shown in this issue, by changing the settings. For this got to chrome://settings/ > Advanced and uncheck Use hardware ...

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