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The View_Entry() block isn't closed. i.e. it should be View_Entry() { echo "Go Flight" pause } Fixing this makes the script work for me. If you use a text editor with syntax hightlighting (e.g. vim or kate, perhaps gedit?) this is easy to spot.


I figured out what the problem was.... Edit ~/.android/adb_usb.ini If the file already exists, add 0x< idVendor> to the end (in my case, this was 0x03f0) adb kill-server adb start-server Check output of adb devices for your device Device is now listed!


You should modify source path used by gdb to find out source file. According to gdb manual: Executable programs sometimes do not record the directories of the source files from which they were compiled, just the names. Even when they do, the directories could be moved between the compilation and your debugging session. GDB has a list of ...

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