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I think there is a terminal plugin for gedit


gedit is a text editor - it will color the syntax but won't help you compile or debug it. What I suggest you use is geany. It is a very simple, very easy to use IDE, which you can use to write,compile, and debug. It's available through either Software Center or sudo apt-get install geany


Much complicated than I thought, as I tried playing with my Intel GPU for some time using xrandr. Sometimes, I get an unexpected errors. This is a summery for my experience. I recommend: Here is a simplified full stack list, as I understand it. xrandr Xorg kernel driver graphic card ...


You can change gdb capabilities with sudo setcap cap_sys_ptrace=eip /usr/bin/gdb man capabilities tells cap_sys_ptrace gives right to Trace arbitrary processes using ptrace(2); apply get_robust_list(2) to arbitrary processes; inspect processes using kcmp(2). See also man cap_from_text. This is a solution that is not removed by reboot, but it is ...


If you have set enabled USB Debugging in Developers Options on your devices, just connect your phone with PC by USB. USB Debugging would turn on automatically an you would see an icon in phone's notification bar Linux doesn't need any additional drivers like Windows.

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