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This problem could be solved by disabling the Secure Boot option and booting in legacy mode. This answer is written just to give the questioner the possibility of marking the problem as solved. If anybody can and wants to improve this post by adding additional detail, please do it. That's the purpose of a community-wiki answer. @norbertpy: Please accept ...


I was trying with a nightly of Debian Jessie. When it failed I tried v7.8, same result. I ended up installing it from eth1 (in dhcp) and then let Puppet configure eth0 with a static IP, and then bring down eth1. --JFG


I just ran into the same error over and over and was getting annoyed. Turns out, if you copy your kernel config .config to the root, that is what causes the issue. There should not be a .config file at the source root. You have to run fakeroot debian/rules editconfigs instead and edit the config file for the proper arch. Use these instructions: ...


Ubuntu leads in linux distributions. Check these links for more information. Ubuntu Vs Fedora Vs OpenSuSE

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