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If you are not very particular about the Chrome then you can also try Chromium Browser. It is available in the Ubuntu Software Center.


Option 1: pure terminal You were in your home directory (indicated with ~) in the terminal window. However, the file is located in ~/Downloads directory. So write sudo dpkg -i Downloads/goo and press Tab. It will complete the filename (if it’s not ambiguous – and it won’t be ambiguous in your almost empty Downloads directory). Option 2: involving GUI ...


First Install Gdebi by sudo apt-get install gdebi After installing gdebi try installing google-chrome with gdebi you can use gdebi to install deb file in terminal or graphical in terminal way you can install the deb by sudo gdebi in your case it is sudo gdebi google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb If the file is in your downloads folder, run ...


Upgrade to the latest BTsync. Answer from BTsync support There is no default password, usually you need to set it login and password first Delete btsync-cache files if you do not remember your password if you want to start a new account.


Solved it by accident. After being frustrated with high cpu usage and overheating, I downgraded my Ubuntu Gnome installation from 16.04 to 14.04. It seems the style that I wanted and preferred is the old style, and the new ones are the small regular icons. I expected the style I was looking for to be a newer one since it seems more modern and looks much ...


The link mentioned by muru in you other question is the best to start with: Packaging commercial software is almost the same as free software. Just few differences like you are going to publish binary deb package only (no source, no public ppa). So the Debian package building almost the ...

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