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You might create a new folder inside your samba share and mount the new 5TB disk in this new folder. Maybe not the most elegant solution, but is quick and easy one. First you need to partition your disk as you see fit. You may find a lot of tutorials on Google (https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+partition+disk+in+linux). I'll assume that you made only ...


I wasn't running the backports install correctly. The -t wheezy-backports is necessary. It installs version 6.x, but it has the options I need. http://backports.debian.org/Instructions/ apt-get -t wheezy-backports install "libav-tools"


Okay, I think I found the problem. I completely recreated the problem you were having and then fixed it. Run the following commands one-by-one to fully fix this issue. When you are done, the problem should be fixed and mongod will be up and running: sudo rm /etc/init.d/mongod sudo apt-get purge mongodb-org mongodb-org-mongos mongodb-org-server ...


Debian is an Operating System, like Ubuntu. You can't install Debian on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a distribution of Debian. If you're wanting to replace Ubuntu with Debian, download the Debian ISO, create a bootable device with the ISO, and then install it, replacing Ubuntu.

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