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That is a Debian source package. You can build it using dpkg-buildpackage: cd /folder/containing/debian dpkg-buildpackage A package (.deb file) will be created in the parent directory.


This file doesn't contain any font but juts the additional file one needs to make a Debian package from some other archive containing the actual fonts. As the package fonts-lobstertwo is available from the official Ubuntu package sources for 14.04 you may just install that package using e.g. Software Center


The wrong architecture refers to the type of processor your device is using. You have downloaded a deb file designed for a processor running the amd64 machine language, commonly referred to as a 64bit processor or an x86_64 processor. But either the processor you are using is not a 64 bit processor, or you have installed a version of Ubuntu not designed ...


Since you did $(adduser ..) instead of simply adduser .., you apply command substitution and that line is replaced with the output of that command. So if adduser produces an output of Adding user ..., then the shell will try to execute Adding user ... as a command. Instead, do: id -u ${username} > /dev/null 2>&1 if [ $? -eq 1 ]; then echo ...


Try with: sudo apt-get install -f After these dependecies are fixed, try with sudo dpkg -i {filename.deb}

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