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Problem Solved new Modem Manager Version 0.017(Module Backend) Change Module Backend


As far as I understand that code it creates a menu item and connects it via DBus to void ApplicationLauncherIcon::Quit() (same file). This basically calls void AppWindow::Quit() const { WindowManager::Default().Close(window_id()); } (file unity-shared/BamfApplicationManager.cpp) for each window that belongs to the launcher icon, which essentially does ...


Upgrading to Ubuntu Wiley unstable, I found this working as expected. The problem was that I was using Ubuntu 14 with Bluez 4.x Any BlueZ version 5.x will allow the use of bluetoothctl. 4.x has been deprecated for a while. For more information about BlueZ and its use, check my questions and answers on stackoverflow.


There are a lot of relevant explanations here: I have solved my problem after prefixing the server path with pasuspend -- and choosing the appropriate Interface (upper right corner) to the right sound device in my system, by clicking the > symbol and choosing from the list.

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