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If botchniaque's fix doesn't work for you, first check the gvfs mountpoint on your system: mount | grep gvfs On Ubuntu 15.10 it was mounted under "/run/user/[USER ID]/gvfs", so the following commands worked for me: sudo umount -fl /run/user/[USER ID]/gvfs sudo rm -rf /run/user/[USER ID]/gvfs


You could follow the chain of targets from the point you stopped at and manually load the graphical target as if you didn't stop at the multi-user target at all: sudo systemctl start That will handle everything correctly. But bear in mind that this will start LightDM, which will in turn start Unity upon login, and not Unity directly. ...


You can use nested dictionary like this: self._properties = dbus.Dictionary({ 'Metadata': dbus.Dictionary({ 'mpris:length': dbus.Int64(2400000000), 'mpris:artUrl': 'file:///home/user/1.jpg', 'xesam:artist': ['1', '2'], 'xesam:title': 'hello world', 'xesam:url': '', ...


I used sudo killall -9 jackdbus Then sudo qjackctl That worked! But i don't get any sound and can't get my ffado mixer to run after that.

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