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Disclaimer: I provided an answer to similar questions here and here. This is a summary of those two answers. Moreover, I am the developer of RecuperaBit. Your NTFS partition is broken. In order to restore the data, you need to make a copy of it (ideally) and then use a NTFS reconstruction software to restore its contents. Clone the drive You really ...


First thing: Power the computer down! Any attempt to write to the hard disk may overwrite the data you need to recover -- and Ubuntu (as with most operating systems) writes swap data continually, as well as log files, etc. in the root and home partition(s). Others may be able to offer a method to recreate your partitions without loss of data; I don't know ...


There are some software for data recovery. I personally used "UFS Explorer Personal Recovery" a few years ago, and it worked. It is not expensive, and saved me a lot of data. But first, do not use your computer. You have to put the disk in another working computer to be able to analyze and recover it. Each boot and run will write data on disk, potentially ...


Testdisk did the trick for me but I lost some data just because I installed ubuntu and it and the data was overwritten but I got my 90% of my most important data. I follow this tutorial.

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