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To use your Creative Zen on 11.10, you can try Gnomad 2 : sudo apt-get install gnomad2. It works perfectly for my Creative Zen Micro on 11.10.


try this: "I have a 16 GB Creative Zen and it works great with Rhythmbox. Open Rhythmbox, plug in your Zen. You'll see it open on the left hand side of the Rhythmbox window. Then you just drag & drop the albums/songs you want from the playlist and onto the Zen icon. Done." source:


I think the issue could be the tags that CD Rippers use - they usually create ID3v2.4 tags which some Zens can't handle. Possible Solution 1 Asunder CD ripper will rip to either ID3v1 or ID3v2.x tag format depending upon the information on the CD. Install asunder and lame from the software center. Run asunder - and select the preferences button followed ...

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