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This is a hardware problem. Choose the RAM test (memtest86+) from the GRUB boot menu. Run the test to determine if you have a bad stick of RAM. If you have multiple sticks and are having trouble determining which is to blame based on the failing address, test one stick at a time. If the RAM passes check smart status of the drive as shown here If that ...


You can reset FileZilla to defaults by making sure that all copies of FileZilla are definitely closed and then running the following command: mv -v /home/superuser/.config/filezilla/ /home/superuser/.config/filezilla_bak Then reopen FileZilla which will build a new, clean set of local preferences. This should be enough to get around what is more than ...


I think you're getting the "out of space" message because the Live USB stores all your files (including Steam and any other programs that you installed previously) in RAM, and your computer is running out of space in RAM! Try rebooting (which will reset everything and free up your RAM), and boot into the Ubuntu USB installer and start the installation ...


Have you tried looking at the disk's health? There may be a more current utility but smartctl should do the trick (as root): smartctl -a /dev/sda | more


You might be using the default X mouse cursor. Try changing it to something else. For example, sudo apt-get install oxygen-cursor-theme and set it in gnome-tweak tool.


There is an open bug in Ubuntu Launchpad: Ubuntu 16 Kernel BUG (“Oops: 0000 [#1] SMP”) related to amdgpu The workaround to fix the issue is installing the latest kernel package from mainline repository.

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