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All crash report data can be found in the .crash files located in: /var/crash And as stated here: When sent a .upload and .uploaded file is added. It includes a CoreDump: base64 field that can be quite huge though.


It looks like you have removed that virtualbox-dkms 4.3.10 package. It had problems and apport tries to report them. The easiest way to solve it is not to close this error window every time you boot, but uncheck "Send an error report" and press "Continue". After that apport should not pop up again with that error message.


The fact that all the browsers you tried experience crashes seems to suggest that your environment has some problem rather than a specific browser. Seeing that your PC is equipped with nvidia hardware, perhaps a video driver issue? Did you install the proprietary nvidia driver? The default "nouveau" driver is getting better, but from my experience is still ...

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