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It is not a problem, lack of an update log means you installed 14.04 as opposed to installing a previous version (say 12.04) and then updating to 14.04.


I don't think you can continue. Lack of power will disrupt the installation and clear it, so you might have to wipe the primary partition and install Ubuntu again.


There are nicer ways for sure; a simple approach however would be starting your application from terminal. There you see the output even after it has crashed.


It will boot but you will have to change the desktop environment from the log in screen. The downside is you will have 2 application sets I recommend this method 1 Download Ubuntu Gnome Remix HERE 2 install to USB/CD 3 Boot USB/CD 4 Choose instll ubuntu 5 IMPORTANT Choose the option Upgrade Ubuntu 14.04 to Gnome remix (or something simmeler, upgrade ...

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