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The problem: On your keyboard, the Print Screen (PrtSc) and System Request (SysRq) are on the same physical button, like on most layouts I know. The key combinations Alt+SysRq+[SPECIFIC LETTER] are generally known as Magic SysRq Commands which directly send commands to the kernel. They're mainly used as a safer alternative to a cold reset if the system is ...


In the strongest possible terms I would urge you to resist the cheap solution here (simply uninstalling 3.16.0-57). The Kernel isn't updated to just annoy people, it gets some really important security updates that could otherwise leave your system open to attack. Instead I would either look at filing a bug against the kernel. If you have any development ...


Corrupted local files In many cases, when removing/reinstalling does not work, corrupted local files are the cause. Often these local files are in a hidden folder (starting with a dot) in your home directory. In the case of Bluefish, just remove the folder ~/.bluefish. That should work :)


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