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This was a very quick and simple solution for my particular situation. In your router: Go to DHCP Client Table and make sure the device is not listed. If it is, DELETE it. Reboot Your Router


The time that a web server only had to server pure HTML, without cookies, pictures, videos, sound, JavaScript, ads, ... is long past. Nowadays, a page is made up of multiple elements that can be downloaded simultaneously so that the page renders faster. Those are the multiple IP connections you see. You could limit them and your server would become ...


My issue was somewhat resolved after I placed it from USB3 to USB2. If happens again, for me it helped at least, just reset your pc and you will be able to use it until shutdown for sure.


No, to connect via ssh you need a ssh server, and ssh is command line only. I tried starting a desktop environment via ssh. It didn't worked.


**This is a repackaging of Realtek's own 8192CU USB WiFi driver for Ubuntu 13.10 and later Please check realteck for bugs in your wifi adapter before installing this driver generator. Dual antennas are known not to work well. This may be a Realtek driver issue. Installation: You can copy and paste these commands in a terminal (Ctl + Alt + T) as long as ...


Here's my (working) example of using the rfcomm for hooking up a bluetooth gps -- a bit of a pain I must say! Hope this helps, I used it with viking and openstreetmaps. #!/bin/bash # Manually start a gps receiver outputting on bluetooth # Then determine if the gps daemon is already running xxx=`ps auxww |grep [g]psd` if [ -n "$xxx" ]; then set `echo ...

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