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Ubuntu allows multiple connections by default, but sometimes, we need to specify which one to use. In your comments, you have mentioned that you use LAN for the Intranet and WiFi for the Internet. So, firstly search for Network Connections in the unity dash. Then, under the Ethernet section, click 'Add' button. Then, we need to create a new Ethernet ...


The easiest (and fastest) way is to buy a crossover cable, plug it into both machines and install NitroShare on both the Windows and Ubuntu System. On the Windows PC, right-click the NitroShare icon, choose Send Directory and send the directory with your files over to the Ubuntu System... Done! P.S. If you're short on cash, don't buy the cross-cable and ...


nmcli -t -f NAME connection show --active -t Makes the output 'terse' so no headers -f NAME Shows only the ssid --active Shows only the active connections

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