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You use new Xen hypervisor (>=4.1). You need change toolstack, xl to xm && restart xend. 1.Replace default xl toolstack to xm: echo "TOOLSTACK=xm" > /etc/default/xen 2.Check xend config http params ( if not exist -> create .xsp config): nano /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp .. (xend-http-server yes) (xend-port 80) ... 3.Restart xend: ...


If you get a connection refused, it means you actually got a packet back which states that your destination does not accept your connection. This could mean a few things: github.com is down (not too likely, but you could always check their status on https://status.github.com/) you have an invalid IP address for github.com (manual entry in /etc/hosts or ...


TL;DR first, more details following: "Connection refused" is the error you get when you try to connect to a service on a computer or server (or locally on your own computer) when the said service is either not listening on the specified TCP port (wrong port or service not started), or when a firewall explicitly rejects a connection instead of ignoring the ...


Try do disable iptables: sudo service iptables stop && sudo service ip6tables stop Then restart hadoop. If this helped you need make proper configuration for your firewall.

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