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Another solution is to permit hddtemp with: sudo chmod +s /usr/sbin/hddtemp Then (based on your example), in your conkyrc file the item will become: ${execi 1 hddtemp /dev/sda|sed 's%/dev/sda: %%' } This will give you just Crucial_CT120M500SSD1: 39°C.


I did a quick search for the valac-0.26 deb file. Here is a download link. http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/amd64/valac-0.26/download If there are any other problems, feel free to let us know what error messages you are seeing. Happy Conkying!


I had the same problem. I had to change own_window to be no


Converting from rainmeter config to conky config, maybe if you went through it bu hand yourself, but I know of no automatic tool. Conky can do free drive space, disk read/write speeds, cpu usage, free/total/used ram, sensor temps & fanspeeds, processses, network UL/DL speed & totals... just type them into your config file & test it out. It's ...


Just follow these simple steps: Look through your conky setup for any references to own_window_hints. If there is a reference to 'sticky', remove it as it will cause conky to draw your window on all workspaces (making this entire exercise a moot point) Look through for references to own_window_type as well. You want this set to 'normal', because it does ...

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