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Get your $temp, and assuming /bin/bash why not just do this: echo $[(${temp}*9/5)+32]


"So, what should I do to raise all the windows?" Presumably you mean all the conky windows? Since wmctrl is not doing what you want by specifying the window name, you should use the more exact method of speciying the window id. To get the list of window ids one does wmctrl -l So assuming your windows have superconky in the title, to extract just the ...


I added the following command as a startup application: conky -p 30 and it works for me. Apparently the desktop has to have initialized before conky starts and the 30 second delay allows for this.


Try this instead. ${your offset}${your color}${nvidia temp}°C for some reason the resulting display will look like this 45A°C I can find no one sentence on how to eliminate the "A" but at least you will have a temperature to work with

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