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Last step in JPEG compression is entropy coding, which is in essence very similar to what ZIP algorithm do: identify sub-strings that are more common and give them shorter coded sequences while less common sub-strings will be mapped to longer sequences. The length to use is computed based on how likely it is to see the substring in the complete file. The ...


My idea was to find some hint in the file listing of the packages or in gconf, but I had no luck. Someone else knew the answer though. Superuser: Change default compression levels for file-roller? Either: $ dconf write /org/gnome/file-roller/general/compression-level "'maximum'" Or: $ dconf-editor Select org in the left-hand pane. ...


See Will btrfs automatically compress existing files when compression is enabled? on best practices compressing with btrfs: The command is btrfs fi defrag not btrfs fi sync it must be applied to file, btrfs fi defrag /mnt/Emu/dummy.txt not to dir how exactly do you decide it is not compressed? df is not showing proper sizes.

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