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If you would like to know whether a command has succeeded or failed, you usually have to check its exit code. Zero indicates success, non-zero shows failure. Example in shell: gcc foo.c rc=$? # Store exit code for later use if [ $rc -ne 0 ]; then # $rc not equal to zero echo "gcc exited with $rc" fi You could also use && or || to execute a ...


This old driver, circa 2010, was built for 2.6.xx kernels; as you can see, you are running 3.13.0-39. It will never compile. The driver for these devices, rt2800usb, is included in Ubuntu 14.04 by default. If it isn't working as expected, something else is wrong. Please tell us what is wrong and details about your device: lsusb I assume your USB ...


Solved by muru in comments: You should be grepping the stderr: gcc ... |& grep. – muru

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