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/usr/local/bin/ should already be in your $PATH so there's nothing to do. Simply use lessc like you would any other command. Here's a little snippet showing mine is installed like yours, and it parsing some LESS into CSS. $ sudo npm install -g less ... npm installs less ... $ which lessc /usr/local/bin/lessc $ lessc - <<< 'a{color:white; strong ...


Probably the easiest way to start over is to remove or - less irrevocably - rename your personal geany configuration directory, either from the nautilus file manager (you will need to enable hidden files from the View menu, or by hitting Ctrl+H), or from the command line using mv ~/.config/geany{/,.old} A new default version of the directory and its ...


You Can Use SDCC is Small Device C Compiler for 8051 Micro-Controller and to have a look, click this and you can also use Graphical IDE for MCS-51 based microcontrollers Ubuntu Apps i.e MCU 8051 IDE. And also, if you feel to use by means of Wine for burner, then this page might be helpful.

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