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If you are creating a PPA on Launchpad, you must sign the Code of Conduct first. Taking the Launchpad 1.1.11 release notes as context, it looks like this is the only time you are required to sign the Code of Conduct to access Launchpad functionality. In other words, code hosting and project management does not require signing the CoC. Signing is generally ...


I think they are there to do different things - https://help.ubuntu.com/ has official and community documentation on how to use Ubuntu and do things with it - e.g. using the launcher. The community section is maintained by the community, and has various guides on different things (e.g Radoen graphics and drivers, Security etc.) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ ...


They are for two distinct uses: Contributing to Ubuntu itself: http://wiki.ubuntu.com Helping users use Ubuntu: http://help.ubuntu.com/community


From what I can see, the Ubuntu Wiki is more professional and more officially maintained, with less community articles by just anyone and more articles created by official groups. It's also a hub for official information about Ubuntu and the related teams (LoCo teams info, Governance & Membership, etc.) On the other hand, the CommunityHelpWiki is just ...


No, there is no page summarizing the event itself. There is however, the final plenary, which is the track leads presenting the summaries. You can watch the video on YouTube.

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