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Go to 'Edit' > 'Profile Preferences'. Then under the colours tab, untick the 'use colours from the system theme', and select 'Green on black' from built-in schemes (or create a custom one):


24bit support is enabled by default but gnome-terminal has to be in version linked against libvte >= 0.36 (as stated on the page you mentioned). Which unfortunetly is not the case in the latest ubuntu 14.04 (at the time of writing). As a workaround you may try: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3-staging sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get ...


The lag in Tetris is not going to be related to your colour depth, and changing colour depth is not going to make it any faster (and may just make it slower, particularly if you succeed in moving to a palette based colour mode). Presuming that it's a Flash-based app in the browser, it'll have everything to do with Flash support. There are several issues ...


I ad the same problem and solved by disabling "overlay" in basic video setting. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04LTS, VLC 2.4.1 on ATI HD8600.


This feature requires a supported color calibration device that looks similar to a webcamera and attaches to the screen to detect the colors This comment on How do I reset an ICC profile in Ubuntu? states: sensor device - Example devices - Note though that you MUST check which ones are supported by ArgyllCMS, the software behind "Color" above.


I've found Nvidia blob guilty of ignoring ICC. After switching to nouveau all started working.


Run ls --color=always | less and you'll see the raw colour codes. Eg: ESC[0mESC[01;34macESC[0m ESC[01;34mbinESC[0m ESC[01;34mBioWareESC[0m It's a bit of a mess but in these cases, they're all 01;34. Then all you need to do is look in $LS_COLORS for that colour. $ echo $LS_COLORS | grep -Eo '[^:]+=01;34' di=01;34 In my example, they're directories.


I know this old now, but I was experiencing this too. It happened to me after loosing grub2. I had to install it from a live CD. The desktop remained with a dodgy green hue to it until I updated grub. Try this and see if it works: sudo update-grub after rebooting the green hue was fixed. maybe just be correlation rather causation, but worth a shot if you ...

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