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I have an old Asus 1000HE Eee PC (32-bit, 2GB RAM, 128GB SSD). Fedora 21 with Gnome Shell runs ok, but as I only use this netbook to browse the web, I figured I’d try to figure out how to launch Chrome as the desktop environment, cutting Gnome Shell out completely. In the process of trying to determine which lightweight window manager I would use, I ...


Here is good guide that could help you to clean your laptop from istartsurf virus Just follow it step by step and you will not need to reinstall your OS.


Possibly the only use that I personally have for Chrome is to make a 'Netflix App' out of it. google-chrome-stable --app= Running that, or editing the launcher for Chrome to run this command will open Google Chrome and launch the netflix website without any pesky window dressing like a location bar, buttons, tabs.....just Netflix. Of ...


You can know the location of chrome app from "alacarte" menu. Here is the example for launching "chrome dev editor" Now then paste the command(location) on terminal


To find out which command you need, just navigate in chrome to chrome://apps/ right click on the desired app and select "Create Shortcuts" Create a shortcut to the desktop and from there you can extract the command you will need to execute the app directly from the terminal In my case I can do it by issuing the following command: ...


You do not need any of them even if you are not experienced. The bigger problem is exploits (bugs that are used to gain access) in the browser. There have been a few (not that many), "flash" has had far more bugs that could be exploited. The 2nd one does nothing related to security. "scriptblock" I can see this help you be more secure. But "web of ...

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