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Mark, this is a great question, and was the first one I asked when somebody told me about Juju. Here's some of the big differences. Juju encapsulates services - a charm defines all the ways the service needs to expose or consume config data to/from other services. How a charm does that is the charm's business. It can use any tool from shell scripts to Chef ...


(Disclaimer - I'm the founder of Puppet and CEO of Puppet Labs) I don't know juju terribly well, but from what I can tell, they somewhat sit at different layers. Puppet is great at managing the behaviors and capabilities of machines themselves, whereas juju seems primarily dedicated to talking about sets of machines and largely punts how to make the ...


Here's another take on how Juju fits with other automation tools: I am responsible for Cloud Strategy at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu and Juju. Juju is not a competitor of Puppet or Chef. Juju can install Puppet or Chef and from within a Charm, Juju's encapsulation of a service, you can call your existing Puppet modules or Chef receipts. So ...


You might want to look at the Juju 'local provider', which lets you create a mini-cloud in-memory and deploy things into it with Juju. It's useful for developers who want to mock up a cloud environment on the go, with many services connected to each other, so they can test their code inside a complex system of many moving parts.


Take a look at Ubuntu Customization Kit. Ubuntu Customization Kit is a tool that helps you customizing official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. You can add any package to the live system, for example language packs, or applications. Source:Sourceforge


Got the solution "--sudo --use-sudo-password" helped doing it ! $knife bootstrap -x ubuntu -i ~/Keys/chef1.pem --sudo --use-sudo-password


There is no support for chef-server on i386 machine. There has been a documentation bug in Opscode,which has been corrected recently. [reference](


To download the 32Bit file. To install Chef version 11.4.4-2 32bit on Ubuntu 12.04, you need to run the omnibus installer Before completing the steps described by the omnibus installer, make sure that you install curl: sudo apt-get install curl curl -L | sudo bash For complete instructions see the Omnibus ...


In the simplest terms, juju encapsulates service discovery, a key value store, and configuration management. Puppet/chef etc are pure config management. Juju is event based and uses a central "bootstrap node" to keep track of and orchestrate events. Puppet and chef can be made to appear event based, however it's typically just running the relevant job on ...

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