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I've never needed to do this so I never looked into it, but since you asked, and it seemed an intriguing question I looked into it and found the answer at this link.


Try cleaning your DVD drive optical head. I had some flaky DVD recognition, similar symptoms, which got much better after cleaning the laser lens.


The gstreamer element audioresample is part of the base-plugins for the gstreamer packages. This should be installed by default. If you have deliberately decided to restrict the number of packages in your install or you have other packaging issues, audioresample should be provided by: sudo apt-get install gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-1.0 ...


I'm not sure what the bigger picture is, but your approach should be to run the command with on a file in the directory. E.g. if you want to run grep regex file where file is in /root, then you should approach it like this: $ sudo grep regex /root/file And not: $ sudo 'cd /root; grep regex file' sudo: cd /root; grep regex file: command not found Why ...

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