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The easiest way to keep your video drivers updates is the xorg.edgers PPA. These include Intel, nVidia and Bumblebee. However, as the xorg.edgers group ask not to give installation instructions directly without linking to their page, this is the best I can do for now... If you don't know what a PPA is or need some guidance about rolling forward and ...


There's a community mantained installer for the latest Intel drivers at 01.org: Download the latest version of Intel(R) Graphics Installer for Linux from here Open the .deb file to open the package into Ubuntu Software Center Click on the "Install" button on the top-right corner Hit the Super key (or click on the Unity Dash icon on the Unity Launcher) and ...


I'm sorry you had such a difficult time. If you contact us (http://www.ubuntu.com/management/contact-us) we'll get in touch with you and make sure to get you sorted. Thanks for your patience.


Yes, Canonical is the owner. From Wikipedia: Juju (formerly Ensemble) is an open source service orchestration management tool developed by Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu. Juju allows software to be quickly deployed, integrated and scaled on a wide choice of cloud services or servers. From Canonical.com: Juju is the Ubuntu project’s service ...

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