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Canonical Store has since added more information for Bootable USB stick, following the query made by @andrew.46. See the product page snapshots comparison in screenshot below. The additional info section now writes: Capacity: 8GB USB 2.0 SKU code: UBN30056-M Prior to the update, the old snapshot dated June 6, 2016 is the only snapshot saved by the ...


"N.B." (Nota Bene) is a Latin form, in English you can read it as "Note well". In this case, the sources.list file contains just a heads up for the users about the repository(ies). And the given note is self-explanatory i think as the Universe repository contains mostly the community contributions.


From, N.B. in short means "pay attention" or "take notice". Therefore, the comment is telling you you should take note the software in that repository is not supported by Ubuntu.


I took the old fashioned approach of emailing the store via its contact form and the definitive answer is that the stick is 8GB. I quote the email below, with my own email address edited out: Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 10:11:56 +0100 From: eStore Support <> To: 'AndrewStrong' <> Subject: RE: [...


It gives me enormous pleasure to solve this question of the origami instructions for Xenial Xerus! The instructions have now been posted here... No to just get those folds just right, there are 77 steps on 4 pages and my hands are designed for a computer keyboard not folding intricate patterns into paper :)


Untill now only upto Ubuntu 14.04 is supported. So I am afraid if you want things to work you have to downgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 Then do the following: Add this PPA to your repository: ppa:hp-iss-team/hpvsa-update apt update Then install the driver hpvsa apt install hpvsa

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