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Yes and no. If you're browsing the internet, you can be tracked on anything since you're requesting data from external servers, which keep track of that data and when and who from it was requested. If you're talking about spyware, there are very few spywares out there for Ubuntu, but they're out there. Linux is "Security through Obscurity"


No one could tell this, unless they are employees at Canonical. If the support, which is the one entitled to tell this isn't answering, I guess you're out of luck; my suggestion is to give up waiting for them to restock and to just look for them somewhere else. Good luck!


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Now Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is available as 14.04.2. It has 3.16 kernel by default. In August 2015 version 14.04.3 will be released with kernel 3.19. This kernel 3.19 is already available to install from Ubuntu repositories by running sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-vivid You did not mention which specific hardware problems you have. If you ask specific ...

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