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Try reinstalling the printer from the System Settings > Printers menu. Check the driver you are using on it, and send a test page to print. Also, try to print something from the Document Viewer and not from the Google Chrome, sometimes the problem is with the browser printing.


I've got the LBP2900 working in Ubuntu 14.04. Download Linux capt driver version 2.60 Extract it into download folder and opened the folder for 32 bit, as my installation is 32 bit: downloads → linux capt... → 32 bit driver → debian After that double click on the files, the Ubuntu software center opens and asks to install it. Install both ...


I was able to solve the problem by getting rid of the user xsane directory, like so: mv $HOME/.sane/xsane $HOME/.sane/xsane.bak


Download the latest debian packages for your printer from here. There's a package that supports the scanner, and an "IJ" package that supports the printer. You can open and extract them with Archive manager. The content of the scangear package looks like this: Run the highlighted install.sh script to install the scanner requirements. The content of ...


Notice the "rpm" part in : "cnijfilter-mg6200series-3.60-1-rpm", even know a script it could only work for RedHat and other rpm distros. There is a much more easy and better way to get your printer working. Go to system settings by opening dash (that thing in the upper left with the Ubuntu logo) and then type and click on system settings and the click ...


You can use alien to convert .rpm to deb files. If your interested here's a link to help to install this package. Getting Software Alien from Terminal.


On Ubuntu 14.04 Firefox 37, the download page seems to work for me showing: P200 series IJ Printer Driver Ver. 4.00 for Linux (debian Packagearchive) Last Updated : 05-Sep-2013 Issue Number : 0100551401 OS Linux Outline This software is a printer driver for printing using the Canon IJ printer. .... lots of stuff ...

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