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When installing Canon ip1900 error occurs: E: Could not find package libcupsys2-dev E: For a package «libtiff4-dev» not found a candidate for installation What can be done? Regards, Alexey Sidorov


You will probably find them in your downloads directory. When you open a terminal you usually start in your user's home directory, so typing ls Will show you what's in there. If you see Downloads type cd Downloads ls And hopefully there are your drivers. To install .deb file sudo dpkg -i name-of-file.deb Should work (replace with the name of the ...


If anyone is still looking for this in Ubuntu 16.04 here is how I did it: Found a package with the text 'bjpnp' using: apt-cache search bjnp Installed the only package containing that text: cups-backend-bjnp sudo apt-get install cups-backend-bjnp Went to Settings->Printers->Add Printer and expanded the 'Network printer' section on the left. After a ...


Works with skanlite in Ubuntu 15. However preview window is not showing. Final scanned image is ok.


Now the canon LiDE 120 runs on Ubuntu 14.04 and tested even in 16.04 dev branch, for this you have to do the following: Open your terminal and type $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rolfbensch/sane-git then run $ sudo apt-get update then run $ sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade If you do not have sane and all its libraries installed then install it. Your ...

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