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For anyone stuck on stage 5, installing the printer means: 1 - Go to localhost:631 2 - Go to administration and enter your OS user and password 3 - Click on the Add Printer button (with the printer plugged in) 4 - Select your printer from the local printers 5 - Press continue 6 - Press continue 7 - Where it says Or Provide a PPD File, click Choose ...


I was running into the same issue with a different printer. Your comment about the plus sign provided me a clue. When I tried adding the plus sign to 'gutenprint52usb://' in the 'add printer' menu it looked like it didn't accept it. So since I couldn't add a + in the menu, I subtracted it from the library name by making a copy of gutenprint52+usb without ...


Ok, I finally decided to delete the printer and re-add it and it corrected the issue.


did you control those variable, as I ask in the previous comment?

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