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Take a look in /dev/ folder, you will find a file which is /dev/video0. This is your webcam. In order to appear there, in the list of all devices, udev will need to initialize it somehow. That's why it blinks.. Then it's basically just hanging around there in the wait state until cheese or some other program needs to access it, which is when the light will ...


I can confirm this happens on a clean install of Ubuntu and MINT. It doesn't matter which desktop you are using. Don't worry about it. P.s I have a logitech webcam too. Nothing to do with branding here.


What is watching me? Nobody. Without any proof (I did google for it a little bit): I seriously doubt that a webcam can transmit a stream to the outside world before the desktop is active. It would be very complicated to make software to do that and it would require you to install it yourself. And why does this happen? It is the device being ...


The most easy thing to check if your system knows your webcam are command lsusb, ls -l /dev/video* and hwinfo --usb. You should be in the user-group video for most applications. You should try to start VLC by command to open your webcam to see that VLC can use it direct from start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam#VLC In your C code example at the ...

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