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Ok guys I found out the problem. The drive was a little corrupt so when I brought it over to the Windows computer it recommended scan and repair, that fixed the problem :)


I also had this issue ... closely look at your keyboard to see if you have a multifunction key with a webcam icon ... for my keyboard the F6 key multi function icon looks like a webcam ... so I hold down the Fn key (often its purple) and F6 key to toggle on/off ability to use the webcam ubuntu 14.04 and above comes by default with necessary drivers


Really this answer will consist of two parts: mounting as storage mounting over PTP mounting as storage It's just same as any other USB it will be mounted under the directory /media mounting as PTP To mount as PTP you probably need a package called gphotofs sudo apt-get install gphotofs When you connect over PTP, gphotofs will be responsible for ...

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