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you should use text editor,compiler and Version control tool. For Text Editor,sublime-text-3 is best for developers and also u can use many themes and autocomplete plugin on it.It has package manager that will help u to install these plugin. just see this => It is the package manager link U should try this one. These are the commands to install it sudo ...


Ubuntu Core is an new rendition of Ubuntu that is geared for the Internet of Things. You should begin by reviewing the documentation on what all it entails here. This will serve as a good starting point and help explain how to develop C application snaps and consume them within the system.


Install the server. Download from here and go through the installation process. If you then want a GUI for developing on: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop Then install a IDE. Install ssh to scp (copy files over ssh) to your server: sudo apt-get install openssh-server Install a C compiler: sudo apt-get install gcc Make your app. Compile it: gcc program....

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