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Sorry, but your question has nothing to do with Ubuntu. You can ask the question in Stack Overflow. Thanks.


I finally did compile "ModSecurity" apache module on ubuntu 14.4 and have had the *.so file. Well, All what I have done is to install the dependencies that the installation shell can't find. Download APR1.5.2 zip file CD APR1.5.2 sudo ./configure make make test sudo make install (It wasn't allowed for me to install without sudo) The system needed ...


Depends on the compiler. For the GCC family (gcc, g++, etc.), you can use the -o option. The following creates an executable name blah: gcc foo.c -o blah


No coding necessary. Save whatever the logo you like to a txt file somewhere in your home folder. Open with text editor a config file for your shell. In my case for mksh shell that would be .mkshrc , for bash - .bashrc Add command cat myawesomestuff.txt at the end of the file. Relaunch shell or run source .bashrc (in my case source .mkshrc) Bellow is ...


The file ./build-scripts/androidbuild.sh is in the source code folder of libSDL. Look here and download the source code archive E.G.: wget https://libsdl.org/release/SDL2-2.0.3.tar.gz tar xf SDL2-2.0.3.tar.gz cd SDL2-2.0.3 After that you can see the folder build-scripts ./build-scripts/androidbuild.sh

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