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Firstly using the gcc switch -c you are telling the compiler to only compile and not link which doesn't produce an executable binary to get an executable binary you need to not use this switch. The correct command would be: gcc cents.c However since this command does not specify the output file name the default name a.out will be used for the binary so ...


Installing libc6 and libc6-dev solved it for me. I had also found some reference for it, but sadly i lost it.


This looks like the thing you need. Make sure you have linux-headers-generic installed.


I found that, when the target is another xubuntu, also following works to obtain the text addresses: (gdb) monitor lsmod Module Size modstruct Used by iptable_mangle 16384 0xffffffffc0f57040 1 (Live) 0xffffffffc0f55000 [ ] ... then you can use the elsewhere documented commands to tell gdb the offset (gdb) ...

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