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And once you used the correct answer by juAron, Are you sure you have a font for it? With a Compose Key, I can type it for example in LO writer eith the Libertine font as Compose 1 10: ...but it will not work on the terminal: Unless I use the correct font (Notice this is a big character, it makes strange things on monospaced fonts:) (PD: xmodmap ...


xmodmap -e "keycode 61 = U2152" # ⅒ Works for me. Like ByteCommander said already the U stands for Unicode. More Information are available in the man page of xmodmap.


I wanted to map the same buttons to navigate through tabs in Firefox in both directions. I'm using xbindkeys and xmacro. It's working pretty well! .xbindkeysrc #Thumb down "echo 'KeyStrPress Control_L KeyStrPress Tab KeyStrRelease Control_L KeyStrRelease Tab'|xmacroplay :0" Control+Mod4+Tab #Thumb up "echo 'KeyStrPress Control_L KeyStrPress Shift_L ...

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