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I am a member of Bug Control (one of the higher-privileges bug triager groups) and the Bug Squad. We have specific guidelines for triage of old bugs (excluding atypical, special guidelines bugs which have special nonstandard workflows) TL;DR: The status we set on EOL bugs is dependent on multiple factors. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ALTER A BUG STATUS ...


MS discontinued all bug reporting/ feature request webpages. All that's left is http://community.skype.com/


Short version: Visit the original bug (the one your bug has been marked a duplicate of) Add /+subscribe to the end of the URL and follow the instructions Long version: Locate the unsubscribe link on the bug page: Visit the original bug (the one your bug has been marked a duplicate of) Scroll down and look on the right for a box that starts "You are ...


I had this same problem of error dialogs appearing at launch of the desktop. I used krunner to show system activity (ctrl+esc on my Kubuntu). Then I found the "system-crash-notification" process and worked my way up the process tree using "jump to parent" from the right-click menu. For me it was lightdm at the top of the tree. So I tried re-installing ...


Do you know how to enter BIOS setup and look for the Power Management settings? Maybe there are some settings starting with "Wake-on-...", which you could try to disable. I think that possibly a device (keyboard, mouse, lan, usb, ...) is waking the machine up for any reason. If you think you know what I'm talking about, try disabling one of those enabled ...


That honestly sounds like a hardware issue, do you have a dualboot config set up, or a prior edition of Ubuntu to load and test?


The intention is that you would run ubuntu-bug <package>. Given that this isn't clear to you so you had the question, I'd say that there is a separate bug in Apport here, which is that the error message isn't being helpful to you.

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