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Apparent log file time stamp anomalies do occur, albeit rarely. The time stamp portion of the log entry is from when the related operation was initiated, yet the actual line is written to the log, if required, when the operation completes, or times out or whatever. For your example I assume it took several minutes for the thermald sysfs write to timeout, ...


Just prior to Release Apport crashes opening a LP report is disabled. All Apport crash reports then go to a Db via whoopsie. In the current dev LP reports from crashes is turned back on a couple of months or so from the start of dev. If you want to open a LP report in a Release version of Ubuntu then you'll need to use ubuntu-bug packagename. Otherwise ...


You need to submit a Debian Enhancement Proposal, to propose said enhancement to dpkg. For example, the autopkgtests support is via DEP-8.

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