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reboot or try to update to latest os cause usually gnome center keeps crashing


If the bug has already been reported on Launchpad, don't file a duplicate. Instead, you should click on "Does this bug affect you?" and then click on "Yes, it affects me". If you want to provide more details in the form of screenshots or logs, then make a post on the bug report with these details so that the devs have more useful information to work with.


As far as I'm aware there is no designated area for broken repositories. To report a broken repository I would recommend just posting it as a bug using the below site.


try $ sudo dpkg -l | grep input i think, its d-bus + xinput but short-key are handled by unity alone,


You need to change some options on the bios setup. While the nuc is starting, press F2 to enter the BIOS setup. Then follow this path: BIOS > Boot > Boot Configuration > OS Selection > set Linux This fixed it. With older kernels there is no need to do this. Source: https://bugs....

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