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It's a lightweight browser, so is quick to start up: It takes me 54 seconds for chrome to load, and just 3 for "Ubuntu Web Browser" to load. It is a desktop link, straight to the page you want. Admittedly, you can do exactly the same thing with Google Chrome (Options -> More Tools -> Application Shortcuts) so that's fairly redundant - although ...


With the Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 update released, the browser now has a privacy mode and some privacy options (clear cache and clear Browsing history) which are very welcome.


The solution proposed in Chromium Issue 465660 worked for me. Go to Terminal and run sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/chromium-browser.desktop Find this line in the file: Exec=chromium-browser %U Then replace it with: Exec=chromium-browser --touch-devices=123 %U


Due to Google/Youtube policies and restrictions to some softwares API, the videos from services like VEVO etc. cannot be played currently. Other videos should play as asual. Update Since recent versions of SMPlayer has got the ability to update Youtube code just navigate to "Help" --> "Update Youtube code". Now you can search and play any video.


Making it work: Run gedit ~/.local/share/applications/allen-brainexplorer.desktop A text editor will open up. Paste the following contents on it: [Desktop Entry] Name=Brain Explorer 2 Exec=wine "%ProgramFiles%\Allen Institute\Brain Explorer 2\BrainExplorer2.exe" "/url" "%u" Type=Application Terminal=false MimeType=x-scheme-handler/aibe; Save the file and ...


A setting like that still doesn't exist. Currently the only way to do it is from the terminal by deleting the content of /home/phablet/.local/share/webbrowser-app Keep in mind that the bookmarks are also stored in that folder and if you want to keep them you shouldn't delete everything inside.

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