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As I wrote already here for Firefox and Google Chrome, here the part for Firefox: The history can be found in a database table in places.sqlite in SQLite format 3: $ file ~/.mozilla/firefox/rsbxl7fx.default/places.sqlite ~/.mozilla/firefox/rsbxl7fx.default/places.sqlite: SQLite 3.x database, user version 26 rsbxl7fx.default Depending on your profile ...


Although there isn't an official Cyberfox Linux version on their website, the portable Cyberfox version for Windows can be installed in Wine. To do that: Download the installer (for me it was CyberfoxPortable_41.0.1.0_English.Amd.paf.exe). Move that installer to the directory where you want the file installed (In the screen shot below you can see I ...


According to this mozillazine page the history for the browser is stored in places.sqlite file in the profiles folder (.mozilla/firefox/ on Ubuntu.) So, I pulled that file up and took a look at the tables within the database. Within the moz_places table there is a column last_visit_date which provides you with an Unix time/Epoch time number. However, there ...


It's related to this bug with critical status, should be fixed by OTA 7: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-app-launch/+bug/1478853

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