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Ubuntu means "an ethic or humanist philosophy focusing on people's allegiances and relations with each other". And the logo is a graphical representation of 3 people holding their arms out, making a circle. See these 2 images: So the logo is perfectly describing the word Ubuntu.


The Ubuntu logo is called "circle of friends", read following reference may be will interest to you. -


If it's non-commercial, no problem. The trademark policy should allow this. If there's any doubt, you can email your plans to Canonical and you'll get a straight answer in writing. Here's the relevant extract: Community advocacy. Ubuntu is built by, and largely for, its community. We share access to the Trademarks with the entire community for the ...


A Tahr is a hardened mountain goat living in the high frozen mountains. That is whats being used as the logo - which you might mistake for a sheep.


No, it isn't possible to whitelabel Ubuntu One.


The press talk about "Ubuntu Phone". Canonical calls it "Ubuntu for Phones", which should be correct, since they code and publish it and therefore should know best how their products are named. See also: To answer your second question: The UI is a customized Unity Shell as seen in desktop Ubuntu and is also called ...


To create your own Live CD, please take a look at this question: How can I make a live CD/DVD from my harddisk installation? To use your own company branding, you must modify the images in /usr/share/images/xsplash/ In my machine, I have only a background image of 2560x1600 but you should have backgrounds of various resolutions just in case. Use GIMP to ...


Yes, we will be getting a new logo.


Have a look at Reconstructor. The hosted version is paid, but a standalone desktop version is available too that allows you to customise distributions. Might be an easier way of changing branding.


It now seems that everyone's settled on "Ubuntu Touch" to refer to the phone/tablet environment.


It's Ubuntu all the way, it just happens to be running on other devices :)

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