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First of all it is not necessary that Most popular or Most voted ideas should get Implemented by the Ubuntu Developers team. I mean if anyone is so Inclined towards bringing it in Ubuntu , then there exists other way using Launchpad PPA where you can Build your Idea and Implement in more Customizable form. From Ubuntu brainstorm Wiki page Ubuntu ...


Ubuntu Brainstorm was indeed shutdown/sunsetted. The data will be available to the community as soon as it's anonymized. There hasn't really been an announcement after that post. I talked about Brainstorm a bit in this interview: (Fast forward to 12:30 if you just want to listen to the part ...


Yes there is. Go to ubuntuforums. Specifically, that link will take you to the 'Natty Narwhal Testing and Discussion' sub-forum. People are always very happy to hear what you think about betas etc. in that sub-forum. For ideas on how it could be improved, go to Ubuntu Brainstorm.


In addition to tijybba's excellent answer, it really comes down to pure numbers. It takes a few minutes to come up with an idea, it takes weeks, months, or sometimes even years to implement. Give the average linux user 10 minutes to come up with 10 ideas and they will likely generate years and years of engineering work, which is why we can just write them ...


Freemind is a commonly-used program for mind-mapping. With a little practice, it can easily become a medium for your own thinking process. One of the best features of Freemind is that you can define your own key-mappings, which makes it more productive than other mind-mapping (brain-storming) tools out there. Also, though it is a mature software, it is ...


The Natty Narwhal Testing and Discussion Forum is probably a good place for you to look. Although it's not regularly read by the Ubuntu developers it's a good place to discuss your views on 11.04.


Have you checked your spam folder? Have you tried to do a password reset? If the above failed: have you tried to create a new user? If all of the above fails, you can try to contact the moderators of


Great idea, I had a few ideas myself. You can start at, there are lots of ideas being voted for. Also HERE is a link to brainstorm moderators. There is also Ubuntu QA Team mailing-list you can join. good luck.


I find I waste time trying to use fancy mind-mapping tools. Instead, I like using a "distraction-free" writing environment such as: PyRoom or JDarkRoom: Full-screen, text-only writing. Forget about formatting. Stop glancing at the clock, and do NOT pause to check your email. Typewriter: True to its name, this text editor has no backspace. Just write. You ...


basket is pretty good for it too. It is not so graphical or map oriented, but it allows ideas to be freely explored and different items to be moved around and grouped.


This is shell specific behavior. The system to which you are logging in with ssh gives you zsh as your default shell, whereas in Ubuntu, the default shell is bash. Try it! Open a terminal and type zsh. The first time you run it, it will ask you for a configuration option. Then, presto, you have your desired behavior. To make it permanently your login shell, ...


You left out a few such as wiki and irc =) It is a large community and people tend to gravitate to their interests, some prefer forums, others irc, others ask Ubuntu. Developers seem to prefer Launchpad, well at least that is how they follow bug reports. With that said, there are ongoing discussions about community building / coordination including summit ...


Best way is to contact the Brainstorm Moderators on their mailing list (or contact me, I'm currently a Brainstorm admin). Brainstorm has a lot of good ideas, and good moderation. What we need right now are liasons, volunteers who participate in both Brainstorm and other projects, who can discuss those projects authoritatively with idea submitters and help ...


Zim is another wiki-like program that allows you to take notes and brainstorm. It also works with WikiWords and will auto-link notes. It's a little more difficult than Tomboy to setup, but it's a lightweight and powerful note-taking and brainstorming tool. Zim is in the repos.

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