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SL use RPM and Ubuntu use Dppkg for package management so is unlikely. Can you compile from source? Do you know the library dependencies?


Move them to ~/.bin (create if it does not exist). Then add them to $PATH by adding the following line to ~/.profile: export PATH=$PATH:~/.bin/ and then, after restarting the terminal, you should be able to run it directly: $ a.out But they won't show up in the graphical search menu. To do that, create a .desktop file: [Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 ...


I found other way to install Natron, more easy, from Deepin Linux Package Here you chose your architecture 32 or 64 bits: I install it in UbuntuStudio 16.04 64bits. All dependences are satisfied. Here a screenshot: This program are only in english. Say to me whatever about this you find

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