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install TLP Battery saving tool :- sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linrunner/tlp sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install tlp tlp-rdw After installation type :- sudo tlp start


For a couple of years, I serviced the laptops of a larger German car manufacturer. I've seen all kinds of Toshibas, Compaqs, IBMs / Lenovos and HPs. On some (I can't recall the brand though), you could see a read-only BIOS entry, listing the "battery order", but it was neither changeable through the BIOS nor the system. On none of all these laptops it was ...


I've looked things up a little bit more and couldn't really find the exact solution matching my problem on a Dell-Laptop but I've read of some people having similar problems with toshiba's batteries and finally found a way to get mine correctly detected. All I needed to do was add a kernel parameter at pc-startup. To do this follow these steps: type in a ...


As far as I know, Lubuntu uses AC power while the cable is plugged in and the battery fully charged. You can change your power settings using xfce power manager 4 which is installed by default and can be found under Menu>Preferences>Power Manager

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