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Start banshee two times from the command line with --disable-dbus option. It should work.


Try what I did. Open preferences in Banshee and disable the Apple Products in the plugins section. As soon as I did that my GS4 showed up and I could sync to it. I'm not sure if it helped but as mentioned in another (much older) thread I created a file .is_audio_player on the root directory of my external sd card and the phone memory. I just used the free ES ...


Having trouble finding the link, but pretty sure I found earlier that libgpod (the library most programs use to access your device) does not support the Nano 6G. Found that out the hard way with the same symptoms.


Apple doesn't like it if users use other software than iTunes to sync their iDevices. Thus, they use a very specific directory and file naming system, which needs to be used, the iPod will ignore any files not matching the naming criteria. However, there's a nice synching program called GtkPod, which implements this naming structure. You can install it ...

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