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Do you need to use banshee? I strongly recommend Clementine sudo apt-get install clementine after a while of use, this one really gives me all features a media player can give me. I use an "intelligent playlist" to generate the next playlist out of my favorites (rating, stars, last played, skipped, etc) for my phone. Wanna give it a try?


Solved with this: Create a folder for mounting mkdir -p ~/android.devices/ Unmount any device fusermount -u /home/`whoami`/android.devices Mount 1st mtp device found jmtpfs ~/android.devices/ Sync content rsync -rtvuc --delete --progress /home/`whoami`/android.devices/SD\ card/Music /home/`whoami`/Music Unmount device fusermount -u ...


I had this happen to me a second time. Since I had already installed pavucontrol, I opened it up and under the Playback tab, I found that the application I was having trouble with was indeed playing sound, but had the wrong output selected (HDMI instead of Analog Stereo, in my case.) I switched output from the dropdown menu, and that fixed the problem.

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