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Try using EasyTag, it is a ver easy to use metadata manager/editor. You can edit many files in one step. I have around 3000 music files, all edited with it.


Clementine (sudo apt-get install clementine) Musique Player (sudo apt-get install musique) Amarok (sudo apt-get install amarok) Rythmbox (sudo apt-get install rhythmbox) VLC (sudo apt-get install VLC) Qmmp (sudo apt-get install qmmp)


No, you cannot. The two storage locations are exposed as separate devices over the USB, so they will be displayed as such. There is no feature in Banshee, or udev, to have them combined into a single device.


Do you pine for the nice days of minix-1.1, when men were men and wrote their own device drivers? - Linus Torvalds If the device reports the SD card as a second device, then udev registers two separate device files. If you think of yourself as a person who could do it, you could try to create your own driver which takes care of deciding where to put ...

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