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This is not a bug. The menu is for you to select a folder. Not a single file. You select the folder and when you click on Open, thumbnails of the images in that folder are created in the left window. You can then select any thumbnail you like and it automatically becomes the background image.


You can install a "dark" GTK theme. Many popular ones are Numix, Delorean Dark, Ambience Dark, etc. My personal favorite is delorean dark and here are instructions for installing that theme: mkdir ~/.themes cd ~/.themes wget unzip ...


For Lubuntu 16.04 xenial panel images it's /usr/share/lxpanel/images


I digged in, and found a solution: As you mentioned: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:syseleven-platform/xenial-ports sudo apt update && sudo apt install python-support python-imaging python-imaging was the last thing you needed. It is working for me now

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