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If you want your login greeter wallpaper to match your user wallpaper: Copy your desired wallpaper into /usr/share/backgrounds (make sure it's readable by "other") Open dconf-editor and go to com > canonical > desktop > unity-greeter Change the background entry to the path of your desired wallpaper: /usr/share/backgrounds/[your desired wallpaper] ...


I'm not sure why Nautilus changes the background. Nemo comes packaged with Cinnamon, but since you installed on top of Ubuntu, Nautilus is left as the default application. As such, some applications will call to Nautilus instead of Nemo, e.g. opening the Download directory from Chrome. You can change your default file manager to Nemo by following: How to ...


Answer here: System Settings > Backgrounds > Settings > Picture Aspect > 'No Picture'

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