Lightweight tiling window manager combining tiling and floating. Highly extensible through the Lua programming language.

Awesome is a lightweight tiling window manager, originally forked from dwm, but focusing on user-customizability through external configuration files. In later versions, the Lua programming language is used to configure and extend Awesome.

Awesome is compatible with a variety of freedesktop.org standards (such as the system tray) and has several widget libraries. Only the keyboard is needed to control Awesome, but mouse support is integrated throughout.

Awesome combines floating and tiling, making it a popular choice for users seeking to transition from floating to tiling window managers. A floating layout is available and users can choose to float windows, dynamically and through configuration.

The Ubuntu package for Awesome will install a session in lightdm and has a user-friendly default configuration which can quickly be made usable through the use of XFCE or Gnome packages (like xfce4-power-manager and nm-applet).

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