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Try this: Make your script: make a new text document and put this in: #!/bin/sh mkdir -p /path/to/custom-mount sudo umount /dev/sdaX ((This is the drive you want to mount in the custom location)) sudo mount -t filesystem-type -o rw /dev/sdaX /path/to/custom-mount Put this script under /etc/init.d. Make it executable by running sudo chmod -x ...


Its not really a problem of whether you can do it, it is a problem of how far you are willing to compromise your encryption. From any system you can mount any encrypted partition, as you have found. But to do this you must have credentials (the password or key to decrypt it). If you want a system to be able to automatically mount something that is encrypted ...


this fixed my problem sudo modprobe -r floppy source: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/fix-usb-devices-automount-not-working.html

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