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You need to allow connection of non-Google software in your Google account security settings first. It is disabled by default.


[solution is specifically for users using Windows to ssh into their remote machines including cloud images on AWS Cloud and GCE Cloud] (If this works for you, an upvote is highly appreciated. Thanks for your patience.) (Disclaimer) Recently used this solution to remote login new deployed vm images on GCE. Tools used: puttygen [puttygen download] ...


This works for me most times. Disable networking (top right drop down menu). Edit the following file with sudo access /etc/resolv.conf Remove everything below the comment and replace with nameserver Save and enable networking.


You have to configure the key authentication. Open the menu Edit > Settings… and navigate to Connection > SFTP. Add the key files and you're done.


A little correction: WEP 64bit (not 40 as often it is reported): requires 40 bits (from a given password) + 24 (from an initialization vector); 40 bits means 10 hexadecimal digits or (as a restriction) 5 ASCII characters WEP 128bit: requires 104 bits (from a given password) + 24 bit from the Initialization Vector; hence the given password can have 26 ...


In client system edit file /etc/pam.d/common-password and remove the word auth_key.


Go to your adobe air installation location via the terminal (for me it's /opt/Adobe AIR/Versions/1.0). In here you'll find the "Adobe AIR Application Installer". Run this "Adobe AIR Application Installer" with sudo (sudo ./Adobe\ AIR\ Application\ Installer). Then you'll be given a window to select your ".air" file. Just select your file and click ok. Then ...

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