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I have found a sort of workaround by editing the 'Name' string in the *.desktop files found in ~/.local/share/applications as the icons are sorted on these names. For gouping I gave all my games the prefix "Game:" Unfortunately the .desktop file for an app can be overwritten when upgrading the app so it's not a one-time-job but you may have to keep redoing ...


I know this is an old question, but still very valid (top Google result) and I think I can add something useful to Ian and Eliah's answer. The indicator-applet-appmenu pointed out above is excellent. However, by itself, it doesn't fully replace the functionality you find in Unity: with the indicator-applet-appmenu, a maximized window still has its own title ...


Put your .netbeans Homefolder into a Ramdisk as I mentioned here.

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