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You are clicking the button before self.instvar is set. The on_textbox_changed handler is probably never called. Startup Glade and select your text entry. In the property editor on the right select the signals tab and connect the GtkEditable changed signal to the correct handler. You should also put a print statement inside on_textbox_changed to see if it ...


Take a look at pyotherside, it's not really a GUI framework for python but a way to call python3 code from a QML application (you could even use the Ubuntu SDK). Pyotherside is available in the Ubuntu repositories as of 14.10. Regarding Gstreamer, from python I'd use gobject introspection, See Using GStreamer 1.0 from Python. From QML, if you just need ...


Since you talked about "core apps", I suppose you are referring to Ubuntu Touch Core Apps project. In that case (Ubuntu SDK/QML development) there are two tools that you could find useful for your purpose: PerformanceOverlay from Ubuntu.PerformanceMetrics module. According to documentation: PerformanceOverlay Overlay displaying performance ...


I've the explanation. This is an actual bug described there https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+bug/1365952. I workarouned it with indication in comment #3

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