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I think that what an "Ubuntu app" is is really written in the explanation, i.e. a program that can work on Ubuntu (both Desktop and Touch). With that SDK you can create QML and/or HTML5 applications. This means that they can work on all the desktops that support these formats. I personally do not know a list of desktops with such capabilities, apart from ...


Here are the solutions to your Question 1 and Question 2. I think you need a specialized plotting mechanism as far as your 3rd question is concerned. In case of Q1 and Q2 running the following commands will do. Solution to Q1: #!/bin/bash number_of_lines=$(wc -l < wy.dat) tail -$(($number_of_lines - 1)) wy.dat | head -$(($number_of_lines - 3)) | tr -s ...


The best way to start by translating the Ubuntu Touch system is by translating the core apps. You can find them on launchpad. There are links to the translating pages of the core apps on this overview site. Please read the Ubuntu Tranlsation Guide before you start.


To view Apps please have a look at the following page: https://appstore.bhdouglass.com/apps there you can browse all available apps.

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