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One more option with Cairo Dock and Sigma metro 0.1 GNOME Icon Theme as Kamil suggested : (In Cairo Dock configuration I chose Slide View and changed Icon theme, edited icon size)


take a look at these gnome themes: devianart eight : see video windows8 Style 0.1 Sigma metro 0.1 GNOME Icon Theme Windows 8 modern UI (metro) Gtk3 (+Gtk2) 0.4 GTK 3.x Theme/Style


Take a look at the gnome desktop. Screen shot of what I think you're after based on your question: You can find Ubuntu Gnome here: http://ubuntugnome.org/ You can also add gnome via the Ubuntu Software Center by searching for "gnome."


What you are seeing is a THEME called high contrast. Right click on your desktop and set it to ambiance.


You are using the hight contrast theme, open your Apearence setting and change it back to Ambiance (or Radiance).

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