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The security updates are set to pull from security.ubuntu.com so that security updates are immediately available when published and released, rather than the systems pulling in updates having to rely on a potentially out of date mirror's update cycles to execute before you get the security fixes. For the other top level country mirrors, they're either ...


Please run sudo chown www-data -R /var/www/html/system/library/cache/ (If the webserver is not run as www-data please replace it with the user who runs Apache/Nginx) If that doesn't fix all your error messages please run sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/html/system


It is perfectly safe to change ownership of files in /var/www, and indeed anything in that folder is yours to edit and change how you wish. For example, if user tsmith needs to be able to write to files in /var/www/myweb then it's perfectly fine to set the owner of these files to tsmith. Or if you prefer, keep the owner as root and require tsmith to sudo ...


ECS is a relatively new service, perhaps the version that apt-get gives us doesn't have that option yet. After apt-get installing awscli on ubuntu, the version is 1.2.9, whereas the one I downloaded from the site onto my machine is 1.7.36..... The aws ecs command works from my command prompt after I manually downloaded the AWS cli, so it's definitely there, ...


If you only need to serve content (html, images, etc), there is no need to set a special ownership to the directories/files in /var/www, as long as the apache2 user (www-data) has permission to access the content. In case you need to do some more, you may need to modify the ownerships. For instance, if you need to upload files from a CMS (like WordPress, ...


It's not very secure to use any directories or files with root permissions (either ownership or single permissions). For static HTML files it would not be a big security problem but as soon as there are running scripts (PHP, JavaScript, any forms and so on) you can get serious problems.

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