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I am facing the EXACT same problem. My symptoms match exactly what you described in DETAILS in the question. But sadly your answer is very vague to be useless. I hope you can still remember the details to update the answer. Thanks a lot for your help.


For me it was just because I was not running this command from the /usr/bin folder where yum is located. For some reason the /usr/bin was not in the path variable.


For remote access: Check etc\mysql\my.cnf to see that the bind-address is not set to Either set it to, or, to be more secure, add your IP address: bind-address = bind-address = your_public_ip Create a user in the mysql table: CREATE USER 'non-root-user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'any_password_u_like'; CREATE USER '...


I found the answer... finally! It was in this code that was something like this: SetEnvIfExpr no-gzip It was in my apache2.conf file. Once I removed that code, it worked!

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