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I had the exact same problem as you. Autokey wasn't working well and I didn't just want to use a browser plugin because I wanted to be able to use text expansion in other apps too, not just browsers. So I wrote this little script that prompts you for an abbreviation (snippet name) then pasts the fill text from your snippet file into the app your working in. ...


For large spreadsheets, Gnumeric is the way to go! Libreoffice is too slow for plotting graphs with large multi-column datasets, but gnumeric handles them far better with high responsiveness.


Solution! First: Install FFMPEG sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras sudo apt-get install ffmpeg Second: Create a file named "" containing the following INRES="1366x768" # input resolution OUTRES="1366x768" # output resolution FPS="30" # target FPS GOP="30" # i-frame interval, should be double of ...

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