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Splashtop ... used to be. X2Go – If you’re comfortable exposing your SSH port maybe run fail2ban with it. Mikogo – Surprisingly, not bad at all. To get it going you might need to sudo apt-get install libxtst6:i386 You could pay very reasonable price for Aeroadmin.


Use PDF. If you don't need editing by others in your work, you can simply export as PDF in Libreoffice.


Theorically, libre office should have ability to export as microsoft office formats. If you need you can use word online like office products on google chrome/chromium; But seriously, I think if you need microsoft products, you should use them, not any other free/...


3 options Wine Only works for Office versions 2013 & 2010 32 bit or older. Windows in virtualbox Slower Windows performance Other software I recommend the Libreoffice suite. Check validity of option with teachers first.

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