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Update: In the end, it appeared that the problem was due to using the mainline kernel. Once the Ubuntu kernel was updated to include vga_switcheroo, I tried again and installing OpenAFS via apt-get worked just fine. Running sudo service openafs-client start starts OpenAFS and mounts the AFS directory at /afs, and I use klog username to authenticate via ...


# means run with root or sudo 1. Create a mountpoint # mkdir /mount/point 2. Mount /proc /sys /dev to chroot # mount -o bind /proc /mount/point/proc # mount -o bind /dev /mount/point/dev # mount -o bind /dev/pts /mount/point/dev/pts # mount -o bind /sys /mount/point/sys 3. Copy resolv.conf to networking # cp /etc/resolv.conf /mount/point/etc/resolv.conf ...

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