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I reccomend you to try ISPmanager. Features & Pricing Yeah, it's not free but price is much lower than for cPanels. The panel has all features that premium panels has. It's even has buil in PHP selectro, which is actually really usefull. Business version has integration with CloudLinux, so you can provide stable shared hosting with it! What's more ...


What I ended up doing was (Similar to what you are looking for): ## PRTG monitoring Cmnd_Alias PRTG = /bin/cat /proc/loadavg, /bin/df, /var/prtg/scripts/check_proc.sh prtg ALL = NOPASSWD: PRTG Inside: /etc/sudoers.d/666-prtg (666, because... well... prtg IS a windows based monitoring tool you know)

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