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I would use a vnc-server and vnc-client. You could use tightvnc or realvnc. I would prefer tightvnc (sudo apt-get install tightvncserver). If the vnc-server starts at boot and autologin is configured it should work.


dpkg -V or dpkg --verify checks the integrity of packages(s) by comparing the metadata stored in it's database and the file paths. You can select the output format using --verify-format option but it currently only supports rpm format. In rpm format only the paths that failed any check are shown. Take an example of failed check: ??5?????? c /etc/lightdm/...


From the dpkg manpage: -V, --verify [package-name...] Verifies the integrity of package-name or all packages if omitted, by comparing information from the files installed by a package with the files metadata information stored in the dpkg database (since dpkg 1.17.2). The origin of the files metadata ...

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