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Given the low usage parameters, installing your required software packages in the default locations should work fine. I don't see any advantages to breaking out the processes between VM's unless your usage of any particular app suite continually loads the server to the point of impacting the other services/


The utilities for setting data and time work differently depending on getting a list by right clicking on the desktop which shows "Users" and "Date and Time", neither of which do not give me access for editing, and clicking on "Activities which provides a list of utilities including "Users and Groups" and "Time and Date" which I can edit. Strange.


The uid= and gid= options do not apply to ext4 file systems. All you need to do is mount the file system as you did (sudo mount -o rw /dev/sdb1 1TB/). Then sudo chown myusername:mygroupname 1TB Then you will own the file system you created and will be able to create files there as yourself.


Vhcs should be reached here, http://vhcs.sourceforge.net/ The other link is old. And cube panel is not available no more.

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